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HHCR has raised almost  $3,000,000 for Halton Hills in federal and provincial level grants

HHCR is a community non profit organization, funded at arm’s length by The Town of Halton Hills.   HHCR provides support to organizations, individuals and businesses in the following sectors:

Arts                         Heritage
Culture                  Volunteer

Support takes many forms, from advising on grant application readiness, whether or not to incorporate your organization, what insurance you should hold for your projects, and how to brand your organization and projects.  See our RESOURCES page for more details.


HHCR is run by a volunteer board and a part-time Executive Director.  HHCR partners with community organizations to help spread skills and experience to enrich cultural diversity in Halton Hills.

Executive Director
Beatrice Sharkey

Board Members

Ro Palumbo-Coates – Chair
Evan Read – ViceChair
Scott Beaumont – Treasurer
Daniella Baryla – Secretary
Chris Macewan – Past Chair
Laurent Thibault – Chair of Strategic Advisory Committee
Ashley Beaumont
Art Ditschun
Jane Fogal
Kaileigh Halverson
Beverley King
Carolyn Martin
Catherine McLeod
Amy Sykes


If you have reviewed our RESOURCES page and would like further information or support, and you are a business, organization or individual in the Arts, Heritage, Volunteer or Events sectors, please contact:

Beatrice Sharkey, Executive Director
t: 416-575-1232
Please note that HHCR comprises a volunteer board and a part-time Executive Director.  Please allow 48 hours for a reply.  Thank you.


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Rick Boersma, Juice, Inc.

Halton Hills Cultural Roundtable board, members, and a wide variety of interested citizens gathered to hear keynote speaker Rick Boersma in the Helson Gallery of the Halton Hills Cultural Centre .

Rick , co-founder of spoke about learning how to make your business or non-profit truly thrive with employee engagement, conversation, innovation, and leadership.

Juice Inc is a Guelph based  ,company that is changing the way businesses operate through training in employee engagement, conversation, innovation and leadership.

The symposium took place at the Halton Hills Cultural Centre Friday evening and Saturday morning 26-27 January.  Friday evening offered a festive and fun evening with community highlights, Rick’s keynote presentation, networking, and a warming chilli bar!

Saturday morning showcased workshop innovation tools, and demonstrated how they can help your business or non-profit truly thrive.

Questions?  Suggestions for Cultural Symposium 2019? Contact Beatrice Sharkey, Halton Hills Cultural Roundtable, 416-575-1232,

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HHCR offers an annual symposium as well as seminars and workshops throughout the year.  It also publishes RESOURCES to help you progress your organization or project.  For more detailed support, HHCR can offer a telephone consultation, 1:1 meeting or help match you with a community partner who has experience in your chosen subject.  Topics include:

Social Media for Events
Grant Application Readiness
Event Planning
Succession Planning
Evaluation of your Event
Non Profit Orgs & Business Partnerships
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
How to Chair a Meeting
Governance – board health score